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Bait Buddy

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Bait Buddy

Bait Buddy

Black Magic "Bait Buddy" is A fine elasticised thread - it is not a monofilament but a special blend of very fine fibres that is virtually invisable when applied to the bait.

What advantages are there when using "Bait Buddy"?
Bait will no longer fall off your hook
Bait will last longer
You can use soft baits including shellfish
Secures the bait in any position
No more sliding down the hook covering the point or barb.
You can combine different baits together.
Improved presentation of yor bait.
The "Bait Buddy" spool is packaged in a plastic protective container and the thread is extracted from the inside of the spool - fresh everytime!
Available, individualy, in packs of 3 or in bags of 50.

Approximately 220mtrs of thread in each spool

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