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Wasabi Suicide Hooks

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Wasabi Suicide Hooks

Wasabi Suicide Hooks
High Carbon Steel
Chemically sharpened
More hooks per dollar

Three rust resistant high tech coatings are available to complement Australasia's most popular hook pattern.
Blood red - An improved red in that the colour sticks to the hook better than some other brands!
A nickel coating is under the red for added rust resistance.
Matt Black - The matt black finish does not reflect light.
Stainless Coated - A 'stainless' hook with the added benefits of high carbon steel for strength,small wire diameter and chemical sharpening for penetration. tests done show that these hooks are 90% stronger than an equivalent stainless steel hook

Size and Quantity per pkt

 Size  1  1/0  2/0  3/0  4/0  5/0  6/0  7/0  8.5/0
 Small  12  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2
 Economy  45  33  30  27  25  23  21  20  10

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